QSI Consulting, Inc.

Transportation and Energy-Specific Topics

Jurisdictional Cost of Service Analysis and Rate Design

We conduct jurisdictional cost of service analysis and participate in rate making proceedings on behalf of our industry and government agency clients in electric and natural gas power sectors. We built client-specific cost models, develop jurisdictional cost of service analysis, develop cost allocation manuals and rate design for our rate-regulated maritime shipping clients. We also provide broader economic consulting services to our transportation clients, including strategic advisory, market analysis, price elasticity studies and demand forecasts.

Development of Cost Allocation Manuals

We develop cost allocation manuals for our regulated utility clients to meet their regulatory requirements for cost allocation between regulated and non-regulated operations, as well as different lines of business.

Valuation of Shared Use Facilities

QSI's analysts have also been called-upon to review regulatory requirements across state and federal jurisdictions to determine how best to estimate the value, required price ranges and operational and logistic costs associated with shared-use assets, such as utility poles, and other related assets such that our clients could be better informed regarding actual costs, opportunity costs and likely outcomes stemming from litigation where negotiations as to joint-use facilities do not result in mutually agreeable prices terms and conditions. In addition, we assist our clients in allocating the cost of various common and shared-use facilities that support more than one service (for example, network components, barges or corporate accounting software systems) between services for purposes of rate setting.