QSI Consulting, Inc.

August Ankum, Chief Economist

Dr. Ankum is a founding partner of QSI and serves as the firm's Chief Economist. Dr. Ankum assists corporate and government clients with economic and financial analyses and issues related to public policy and public utility regulation. While there is a special focus on regulated industries, such as telecommunications, electric, gas and maritime shipping, and rate case/revenue requirement/cost allocation analyses, Dr. Ankum's work experience generally encompasses the following:

  • Econometric modelling and economic growth and employment forecasts
  • Industrial organization and competitive market analysis
  • Due diligence and asset evaluations
  • Complex litigation, breach of contract and damages calculations, intellectual property disputes
  • Regulatory policy, tariff issues, rate cases (cost of service, rate design, cost of capital)
  • Interconnection and contract negotiations and billing disputes

Dr. Ankum also assists corporate and government clients with antitrust issues related to proposed mergers and acquisitions, such as:

  • General market dominance/competitiveness analysis
  • Application of U.S. DoJ/FTC standards for merger approvals
  • Projected impact of mergers on affiliated transactions, economic and financial viability, quality and availability of products and services, and end-user/retail and wholesale prices

Before co-founding QSI in 1999, Dr. Ankum was President of Ankum & Associates, Inc., which he had founded in 1996. Prior to that he worked as an economist at MCI Telecommunications Corporation and before that at Teleport Communications Group, Inc. (subsequently purchased by AT&T). Dr. Ankum began his career at the Texas Public Utility Commission, in 1987, where he worked as an economist on electric utility and telecommunications issues.


Ph.D., Economics

  • University of Texas at Austin

Master of Arts, Economics

  • University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Arts, Economics

  • Quincy College in Illinois